Reef Moonshiner's Elements - Iron 500ml

Reef Moonshiner's Elements - Iron

Reef Moonshiner's Iron Element for enhanced coloration in a crazy Reeftank.

Reef Moonshiner's Iron Element

For advanced Aquarists,

Iron 500ml

Correction 1µg/L – 1ml per 100L

0.1 - 0.5 µg/L max/day

Dose Iron weekly/daily and start with low dosages and observe the tank behavior and the green/yellow ratio of the Acros to see if too much Iron is being dosed. At the end with your ICP, Iron should ideally not even be detectable or if so, then very very little, otherwise it’s likely too much which will make most corals to appear green.

Excessive overdosing typically causes brown corals.

Refugiums and use of Chaeto is a great indicator as well, as long the Chaeto is dark green, it indicates sufficient Iron.

Not for Human consumption or pets.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use on your own risk.

This is a private Sale, no returns or refunds.

Reef Moonshiners Elements:

These Elements, I use in my own Reef Tank to maintain minimum Sea Water Levels, and with some of them I influence the appearance of the Corals in my tank.

This Package contains all the most important Pro Reefer Trace Elements you should test for occassionally and at least adjust back to Natural Sea Water Levels, especially if you are like me, not a friend of many water changes ;-)

Read further below some hints on target levels I typically run in my tanks.

The back of the Bottle has all relevant dosing instructions, either a Correction instruction or a Correction and a Maintenance guideline.

This will allow you to adjust the tank parameter as desired and, keep some Elements on track via a daily or weekly maintenance dose.

However, the Triton Test Lab dosing instructions can be used with these Elements for the "not that experienced" Reefer.

Otherwise you look at the measured ICP levels (from any Lab of your choice) of your tank and you do a correction dose or doses as needed to get to your desired element level within the maximal daily increase as shown on the bottle.

It all sounds more complicated as it really is!

Elements and what to measure:

So, what do I dose for maintaining colors, and even more important, enhancing colors and color effects?

I will give here the short version of "Reef Guide Part 2 - Elements to dose"


Don't assume, test for it. There are minimum levels, but also maximum levels that in some cases are worse than the depletion of some elements.

You got to have Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium in check!!! These are the first 3 magic parameter.

Any of these really out of whack, no pretty colors possible in almost every case!!! Like it or not!!!

My preferred personal levels are Alk 8-8.5 ; Ca 425 ; Mg 1400-1500

I won't talk much about to have at least some Nitrates and Phosphates in the tank, please refer to "Andre's Reef Guide Part 1" in my shop ;-) So avoid zero nutrients. I run Nitrate in line with the Redfield ratio between 1 to 5. Above 5, the skin of the SPS is becoming too thick for my personal taste, and Po4 above 0.1 is reducing yellows in some SPS from my observations.

The next level of parameter to look out for, is what is typically start to deplete after the first year ;-)

You have to be on lookout for Potassium and Strontium. This can be done on the basis of a ICP test occassionally, however I personally recommend to monthly test Potassium since it will be subject to depletion, especially in SPS loaded tank systems.

I use the Salifert Potassium Test since it's easy to use and at least is indicating when Potassium is going to be too low in my tank, which is good enough at this point. Strontium is similar, a Salifert Test kit I use monthly, just to avoid that Stontium is in undetectable range.

Better results you got from an ICP Test, however if you can detect Strontium with a home test kit, you are out of the danger zone where it negatively impact colors!

My personal preference is Potassium from 410 min to 420max. Above 420 many species turn more blue and red is inhibited a lot.

Strontium being detectable in the range of 4 is ok, 6-8 is showing increased growth, however it's quickly overdosed and if exceeding 12, the results are shown in decreased growth rate, bleached red/pink colors etc.

Iodine....... well Iodine is complicated and it need a lot of patience to adjust and maintain the ideal levels, and a book alone to describe it! I can tell you, if you dose daily a few drops of Iodide to your tank, and Iodine is detectable with a home kit as well as on the ICP test, you are good! I don't chase Iodine levels anymore since the impacting factors on the Iodide oxidation process into Iodine is huge! Almost everyone, even really experienced pro Reefer including myself, typically do slightly overdose on Iodine when chasing the upper limits with the results of bleached SPS and white tips for a month at least, depending on how harsh the overdosing was.

I target to detect 0.03-0.06 via daily drops of Potassium Iodide. Adjustments to the dose may take up to a week before showing effects on iodine, hence many people overdosing terrible since they think an increased dosage should show results next day, which is usually not the case.

Additional Trace Elements, Reef Moonshiner's Elements:

Molybdenum, not much is really known about the influence of Molybdenum on Coral colorization and I personally recommend not to mess with this Element too much. Bring this element back to 12microgram/L if depleted.

I personally feel the depth and color vibrance of SPS is positively influenced by this element.

Bromine is influencing Polyp extension and also brings a metallic shimmer out on many corals.

If below 40mg/L your PE may be affected and vibrance is affected. I strongly believe it also contributes to support multicolored acros to show a better contrast from colors on the base to the rest of the coral.

If too low, adjust back to 62mg/L, I personally run Bromine for increased metallic shimmer effect up to 75/80 mg/L, and keep following the maintenance dose, but do follow up ICP tests to monitor the Bromine trending.

Boron is another Element that typically need only correction occasionally, however a maintenance dosage can be determined if multiple ICP tests will be performed. However for most Reefer an occasional ICP test will be sufficient to re-adjust Boron to at least Natural Sea Water levels of 4mg/L to 5mg/L. Boron will affect your Red colors. For increased Red coloration a target of 6-8mg/L can be adjusted, higher levels should be avoided if you are not exactly know what you are doing in these higher levels.

I personally target a Boron level of 7.5 mg/L.

Manganese is typically complete depleted in our Reef tanks but it seems to have a heavy positive influence on Macro Algae growth, LPS look more fluffy, some SPS seem to be more glowing when this Element is used. Overall aparently a great element to dose daily.

I typically run the daily maintenance dose.

Zinc seem to influence the Fluorescence of many SPS/LPS.

I noticed some Multicolored Rainbow corals seem to show better "glow" while dosing the daily maintenance.

That's it so far.

Have fun with this product and thank you for purchasing!

Feel free to share and report any effects you notice by using these Elements.

Happy Reefing,


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