Reef Moonshiner's Elements  NANO/PUMP-Manganese  500ml

Reef Moonshiner's Element suitable concentrated to be used on Dosing Pumps, easier manual daily dosing, or Nano Tanks.   Dosage conveniently to be calculated with the Reef Moonshiner Calculator tool. Product to be used as described in the Reef Moonshiner Handbook. 

Reef Moonshiner's Element

For all levels of Reef Aquarists,

This particular special concentrated Elements is lower in concentration than the classic elements, so it can be used on either automated dosing pump systems, will allow an easier manual dosing since more solution is being dosed with the syringe, as well it is now with this concentration possible to use the daily dosages for Nano Tanks.

I recommend these NANO/PUMP Elements to be used on tanks below 300-400 Gallons for ease of dosing.

Please download and follow simply the Reef Moonshiner's Handbook directions, dosing guidelines, and ICP Analysis guidance to pimp your Reef tank to the PRO-Reefer level with ease.

All Elements are dosed as per Reef Moonshiner's latest Dosing Calculator.

Not for Human consumption or pets.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use on your own risk.

Feel free to share and report any effects you notice by using these Elements.

Happy Reefing,


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