Reef Moonshiner's ICP Assessment and Dosing Tool

Reef Moonshiner's ICP Assessment and Dosing calculation tool

The Ultimate Reef Moonshiner’s Tool is ready for download!

ICP assessment, Automated dosing Instructions, Extra dosing summary section, First time user shopping list and plenty of guidance from the Moonshiner Handbook integrated while you read through your ICP assessment.

Clear dosing amounts shown to get to the desired target levels, no need to use and understand the Reef Moonshiner Calculator anymore if not comfortable with it, and an extra summary at the end showing all the identified dosages and great guidance to depleted or excessive results.

Also great tool for non-Reef Moonshiner users to get a first idea where the tank chemistry is at, since most Lab results provide barely any additional useful information with their reports.

Works on MS Excel and Google sheets and compatible excel tools, not suitable for Phones which by the way you should not use anyways to dose your tank with, from a mini display!



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