Reef Moonshiner's ICP-OES Test

Reef Moonshiner's ICP-OES Test kit

The Reef Moonshiner's most recommended Advanced ICP Test

This is the new standard test to be used for your Reef Aquarium testing when the Reef Moonshiner's method is applied.

In addition to the classic ATI ICP test, this test also covers Rubidium and Nitrite.

RODI Testing included as well.

Microfilter for most accurate testing results included.

Scientific grade ICP OES & MS laboratory equipment and ICP machines,

are operated by professional scientists.

Shipping label for easy return included.

Simply drop it off at the mail office or in your own mailbox.

QR code for instructions on the Testing label, easy to follow!

ICP Test results will be emailed and automatically uploaded to the Testing portal for historical charts and trending and custom analytics.

Your Water samples are transported via expedited airfreight straight from an International Airport to the Oceamo Laboratory in Austria.

The customized Test kit ICP Assessment and Dosing Tool for this particular ICP Test kit can be found here:


ICP Sampling instructions link in the QR code can be found here:


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